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History of KNKT

A. The period before Presidential Decree No. 105 of 1999

Accidents in all modes of transportation in Indonesia are for our media like a source of information worth selling to the public. The rapid development of the media world has made it easier for people to follow information about accidents in transportation modes in the regions, either through print or electronic media.

The Indonesian people and the international community even seem to swallow the conclusion that our level of transportation safety is still not able to compete at the international level. On the other hand, there is very little information about the government's efforts together with all our transportation stakeholders, in increasing the ability to investigate safety in transportation accidents as a corrective effort.

In order to increase the level of transportation safety while at the same time guaranteeing public confidence in the safety assurance of our transportation modes, especially air transportation, the Ministry of Transportation at that time, Dr. Haryanto Dhanutirto issued Decree Number KP. 3/LT.403/Phb-94 dated July 15, 1994 concerning Research on the Causes of Aircraft Accidents, this regulation requires that every aircraft accident that occurs in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia needs to be researched to determine the cause of the accident. The research is carried out by a committee in the form of the Aircraft Accident Research Commission which is formed for a certain period of time and is responsible for the decision of the Minister of Transportation.